Wednesday, January 18, 2012

God Speaks To Women Today

...." I believe[God would prepare us sooner if we were] less opinionated, less obstinate. Isn't is true that many of the bumps and jolts in a woman's life are direct consequences of her own self-centered decisions, her own actions and reactions? All understandable, perhaps, but our responsibilities, just the same. " I know the thoughts I think toward you," God said. "They are thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end." The "end" God expects for us is one of inward peace. Our external circumstances will not always be peace-inducing, but we can live adequate to them, if we have begun to cooperate with God in the midst of them.
 We often think of Abraham as a man of great faith, of Sarah, as the first woman of great faith. They were. And yet, God had to bring them both to a still deeper place of obedience. They both came to that place at last, and their remaining years were peaceful. Our's can be too, if, like Sarah, we move toward full cooperation with the Lord God."
 This is an excerpt taken from the book, God Speaks To Women Today, by Eugenia Price. I have been reading it for my devotions recently. It is so rich, and full of great truths from Scripture. She has a section on each woman from the Bible, and the lessons we can learn from their story. I have found it most interesting, and beneficial. The above excerpt is from the chapter on Sarah. I love the part about having an inward peace, despite the fact that our external circumstances might not be "peace-inducing". I'm sure we can all relate to that at sometime or the other. The biggest thing that struck home to me was being "less opinionated, less obstinate", and cooperating with the Lord. :) I can totally relate to this. How many times do I try to push what I want, instead of surrendering my will to what He knows it best for me. I'm thankful that He keeps working with me, and gives grace despite my opinionated, obstinate self! :)