Sunday, June 17, 2012

Now More Than Ever.....

I have been thinking about this for sometime now, and then I heard this song again, and it totally summed up my feelings.
 My relationship with the Lord began when I was five years old. As a child, I didn't have a whole lot of understanding about what it meant to be follow Christ, I just knew the basics of the gospel, and believed with a child-like faith. But then I started growing up, and things got bumpy. Life wasn't as smooth as it was when I  was a kid. There were bigger problems to face, and important decisions to make; ones that would effect the rest of my life. And the longer I live, the more I realize how corrupt my own heart really is, and how much I really need a Savior! It's through all these experiences, that I now cherish my relationship with the Lord more and more. I know now how much I truly need Him, everyday, for everything!
 I love this song, because It really is true.....Now more than ever, I cherish the Cross! I am so thankful for my Jesus, and His loving-kindness to me!

Monday, June 11, 2012

"New York, New York....."

Last month, my Dad, sister, and I went to NYC for a visit. I have an older sister who lives in Manhattan, so we stayed with her for the weekend. Maryanna and I had never been, and it was quite an experience! Of course, I am a country girl who has never lived in the city, so being in NYC was a bit of a culture shock. But I have to say......I loved it! :) I don't think I would want to live there, mind you, but I certainly enjoyed my visit. There is no down time, that's for sure. :)

The highlight of our trip was seeing Phantom of The Opera on Broadway!!!! Basically, I am still in raptures! I absolutely loved it!! I have wanted to see it for years, and I finally got my wish. *Happy Sigh* Now I am completely hooked on Broadway,(if I wasn't already) and keep coming up with schemes of going back very soon to see another show. :) 
 Here are a few of the pictures we took, just to give you a little peak into our time there. I really didn't take that many, as I was too busy taking it all in to snap pictures. :) I guess I'm not a good photographer. 

Riding in a taxi for the first time! :)

Checking out the big city

Looking down the street

Ice Cream Sundae at the popular Serendipity . That thing was wicked!  Pretty much, I still have dreams about it. :)

"On the avenue...."

Subway station

view from Battery Park

Time Square.....where it all happens. :)
Dressed up for the Opera.