Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Hairstyles

 Today I practiced more hairstyles on my two nieces who are visiting for Christmas! They were very patient with me, and let me stick pins all over their little heads. :) Here are some pictures of what I did.

 This is such a cute hairstyle for little girls. I french braided all around her head so it looks like she has a braided crown on. :) Little princess! She has naturally curly hair, so I pinned up the curls and voila!

 This hair style was mainly so I could practice for wedding updos. First I sectioned off some hair from the bottom, and did 5 upside down french braids.Then I put all her hair in a high ponytail. Next, I divided her ponytail in 5 sections, and rolled each one to make sort of a big, elegant bun. Lastly, I curled the little wisps of hair around her face. How lovely!This is how it turned out.