Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cards: To send or not to send?

 For the past couple of years, we have not sent out Christmas cards due to the expense of stamps. I always thought it was rather grinchy of us, but what could I do! :) But this year, I decided that we should send out cards. So, my sisters and I had cards made, and are sending some to our friends. We did try to keep the list from getting too long. We're not sending them to all those people you never see, but who are somehow still in your address book. :)

 So what do you think? Are you or your family sending out Christmas cards? I am just curious about it. I know that stamps are rather expensive these days. Sending Christmas cards seems to be something of an old family tradition though. I'm cool with getting an e-card, but there's just something about getting an good old fashioned piece of mail. :)