Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Place Of My Own

 Ever since I started sewing, I have dreamed of having my own sewing room; a place where I could spread out, and let my creative genius flow. Somewhere I could call my own space; a sewing haven. There I could leave all my things, and know they would still be there next time I came to sew.
 I tend to be a messy seamstress. I don’t like to take the time to clean as I go. So I usually leave my scraps and various other items lying around till I’m finished my project. Then I clean everything up. I think this is because I am always in a hurry to finish what I’m working on. Rarely do I ever leisurely sew. There seems to always be a deadline.

 Most of the time, I would just sew at the kitchen table. Then, when meal times came around, I would have to clear off all my things. Then set it all back up again afterwards. What a pain! But it was better than nothing. I tried using my bedroom as a sewing room, but that did not work. I had pins, thread, and material scraps all over my bedroom floor.  My room is too small! There definitely isn’t enough space to spread out.

 Then my dad made a room over our garage, which he planned on using as a guest house. I asked him if I could use it to sew in when we didn’t have people staying there. He agreed, and I moved all my stuff in. It still doesn’t quite fulfill my dream to have a place of my own to sew in, but it’s a start. :)
 I will keep dreaming, and hoping to have a sewing room all my own. Till then, I am thankful to have a place that I can leave my machine up so that it’s ready whenever I am. Maybe when I get my own house, I will be able to set a room aside; but then again, maybe not. We shall see! I will always persevere, and keep sewing, even if I have to use the kitchen table again. :) 

 Oh by the way, check out my new pages! I am slowly adding pictures of all my past sewing projects. :)